Sinai Academy Jewish International School
Zeesy Deren, Director

I commend Rabbi Yossi Orkin for translating his profound dikduk knowledge into a child friendly curriculum

United Herzlia Schools
Rabbi Dani Brett, JLL Head of Curriculum

Strong educational philosophies and diverse and creative educational media

Umhlanga Jewish Centre
Gilad Friedman, Director

A well thought-out curriculum, encouraging students to use a multi-sensory approach.
Together with his incredible knowledge of the subject and thorough follow up, this program is set to be a trailblazer.

Principal of Sandton Sinai Primary School
Melinda Chazen,

World within a Word has made a tremendous impact at our school

The children thoroughly enjoy being "builders" breaking up and building words using their perspex blocks.

Manipulating words in such a concrete manor has brought the language of Chumash to life for our learners.

Sandton Sinai Primary School
Morah Rochel Kessler, Grade Two teacher

His concept of building words is so tangible to the children.

This gives them confidence and skills in learning Chumash.

Our Chumash lessons are a colourful, fun and exciting experience! Thank you Rabbi Orkin!

Sandton Sinai Primary School
Morah Liya Pollak, Grade Three teacher

The workbook is written and presented in a very user friendly way and I have enjoyed teaching from it very much. I would highly recommend it!

Sinai Academy Jewish International School
Chanee Shlomo, Teacher

As a teacher, I have found its method to be the most fundamental way to teach a complex subject, as it is broken down into a simple easy to understand color systems.

The learners are benefiting greatly from the application tools, such as the grammar grouping material and the Chumash application texts.

Even us, as teachers, have learnt so much from this program!